Castle Rock Golf Course is now a registered Operation 36 community!

Learning to play golf can be a frustrating and overwhelming process without a road map to guide you on your journey.  The Operation 36  golfer development program provides golfers with a plan to improve through weekly small group classes, on-course play from a more manageable yardage, and a mobile app for you and your coach to track your progress!

Operation 36 Development Model

How It Works

Play 9 Holes with Operation 36

Learn to play golf using the Op36 on-course divisions. Golfers start close to see early success and move back as their skills improve. Shoot a score of 36 or better to advance to the next division.

Learn and Develop Your Skills

Attend our weekly classes with our Head Professional Jim Thew. Each week we will work on a new skill from the Operation 36 curriculum with an emphasis on fun!

Train and Track Your Progress

Every participant and family gets access to the Op 36 Golf app. This will allow you to log when you play and train, stay connected with Coach Jim and become a part of our community.

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To schedule a private lesson, contact our Head Professional by email at or give us a call in the proshop: (608) 847-4658